Outreach & Education

Outreach and Education

The Fernald Club organizes insect outreach events at UMass Amherst and across the western Massachusetts community, including at schools, colleges, libraries, environmental centers, and more.

Some of our past events include:

  • Tours of the UMass live insect collection with elementary and middle school students

  • Earth Day celebration with presentations from UMass professors on hot topics in entomology, and insect-inspired baked goods from club member kitchens

  • Insect photo contest

  • Remote (Zoom) presentation on insects for elementary school students during the Covid-19 pandemic

  • Semi-annual Fall Hibernation/Diapause Party on the UMass campus, with live insect handling, edible insects, and other insect-related fun

Contact us at fernaldclubumass@gmail.com if you are interested in us conducting an insect outreach event at your location.

Pollinator Hotels

The Fernald Club was awarded $3000 from the University of Massachusetts Sustainability Fund to build "Pollinator Hotels," or structures in which wild bee pollinators can nest, on the UMass Amherst campus.

Check out our Pollinator Hotels, built with the cooperation of UMass Auxiliary Services, in the Franklin and Berkshire Permaculture Gardens.