The Fernald Club is run by UMass graduate students and welcomes all local insect enthusiasts as members. Students from all area colleges are welcome to join, as well as members of the general public. The only requirement is an interest in insects and a desire to learn more about them!

Contact us at if you would like to officially join the club.

Public Student Members

Caro Muñoz Agudelo: PhD student, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Justin Roch: MS student, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Aliza Fassler: MS student, Environmental Conservation

Alison Fowler: PhD student, Organismic and Evolutionary Biology

Connor O'Clair: undergraduate student, Natural Resources Conservation

Associated Faculty

Ben Normark: professor, Department of Biology; curator of the UMass entomology collection

Jaime Piñero: extension professor, Stockbridge School of Agriculture

Lynn Adler: professor, Department of Biology

Joan Milam: adjunct faculty, Department of Environmental Conservation

Jeremy Andersen: postdoctoral researcher, Department of Environmental Conservation