Meetings & Events

Spring 2022 Meetings and Events

This semester, the club will meet on Thursdays at 4:00 pm; meetings are weekly until UMass spring break and biweekly thereafter. We will be having a hybrid format for some meetings this semester, with meetings typically held in Fernald Hall room 201 (the Alexander Conference Room) and sometimes simultaneously on Zoom. Non-members are welcome to drop in and attend in-person meetings if they're interested.

Regular meeting dates and planned schedule:

  • March 3 - Welcome back!

  • March 10 - Specimen-sorting day to help with curation in the UMass insect collection - Lepidoptera

  • March 24 - Educational showcase of a club member's personal collection

  • April 7 - Special international event! Live Zoom tour of the Botanical Garden of MedllĂ­n, Colombia

  • April 21 - Specimen-sorting day - Coleoptera

  • May 5 - Spring Awakening event: exploring for insects on campus

Additional events:

  • April 13 - Insect outreach event at UMass for a Mount Holyoke College entomology class

  • April 22 - Participating in Earth Day Extravaganza event at UMass