Insects in the Hallway

Located in the second-floor hallway of Fernald Hall, the Insects in the Hallway display showcases the enormous diversity of insects to the public. A separate display shows a wide range of locally-collected Massachusetts species.

Read The Massachusetts Daily Collegian's article about the Fernald Hall insect collections.

Live Insect Zoo

The Fernald Club Insect Zoo is located in the second-floor hallway of Fernald Hall, opposite the Insects in the Hallway display. We maintain a variety of live insects and arachnids for use in educational outreach, and also because they're lots of fun!

November 2021: The Insect Zoo is currently undergoing renovation, which should be completed by the end of the fall 2021 semester. Currently, we have hissing cockroaches, cave cockroaches, stick insects, death-feigning desert beetles, caterpillar hunter beetles, a baby vinegaroon, and juvenile question mark cockroaches. Look for them to be back on display soon!

Want to handle our live insects? Contact us at to set up an insect-handling session.

Insect Museum

The Insect Museum is UMass Amherst's scientific insect collection, comprising over 100,000 specimens across the insect orders. It includes both Amherst-area insects and exotic species from around the world, and includes many historic specimens from the early 1900s.

Contact us at if you are interested in an educational viewing of the collection or want to learn more about it.