2023 Bug Art

We are proud to have some phenomenally talented artists in the Fernald Club! During the spring 2023 semester, the Club held its second annual Bug Art Contest, now covering four different artwork categories with two winners in each. 24 artwork submissions were jointly voted on by Fernald Club members, plus grad students and faculty in Organismic & Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Conservation at UMass Amherst. Here are all of the 2023 contest's artworks, including the community's selected winners.

Please note that all rights are reserved by the original artists. Contact us at fernaldclubumass@gmail.com for any inquires about the artworks or their artists.

Category 1: Hand Drawings and Paintings

1st place: "Bugs Playing Poker" by Claire Netto, Natural Resources Conservation undergraduate

2nd place, by Kieran Dowd, Astronomy and Physics undergraduate

"Ironclad" by Cole Senatore

By Alfy Raj, Scientific Illustration undergraduate

"The Monster's Lair" by a Biology undergraduate

Category 2: Digital Art

1st place: "The Dragon's Den" by Olivia Liera, Business Marketing undergraduate

2nd place: "Argiope aurantia" by H.A.W.

"Final Contribution of a Worker" by Rohini Josh

"Ear Ear Wig"

"Corpse Cleaners" by Fern Reitman

Category 3: Photos

1st place: "Dragonfly Eyes" by Phoebe Shubin

2nd place

"Curiosity" by Izaak Vigil-Sagan, Natural Resources Conservation undergraduate

"Big Sand Tiger Beetle Larvae (Cicindela formosa)" by Claire Netto, Natural Resources Conservation undergraduate

"Pollinator Power" by Emily Volmar, Natural Resources Conservation undergraduate

"Caught" by a Biology undergraduate

"Cabbage white butterfly" by Sarah Wagner, Biology and Physics undergraduate

"Peekaboo" by Ollie Morrill, Environmental Studies undergraduate, Mount Holyoke College

"Hideaway" by Olivia Liera, Business Marketing undergraduate

"Orbweaver by pool" by Grace

Category 4: Physical Artwork

1st place: "Ivory millipede" by Rohini Josh

2nd place: "Madam Monarch" by Rowan Scott