2022 Insect Art

We are proud to have some phenomenally talented artists in the Fernald Club! During the spring 2022 semester, the Club held an insect art contest for all members, with the top three artists to receive insect-related prizes. 19 artwork submissions were jointly voted on by Fernald Club members, plus grad students and faculty in Organismic & Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Conservation at UMass Amherst. Here are all of the contest's artworks, including the community's selected winners.

Please note that all rights are reserved by the original artists. Contact us at fernaldclubumass@gmail.com for any inquires about the artworks or their artists.

1st place: "Ceres" by Seanne Clemente, Organismic & Evolutionary Biology graduate student

2nd place: "Luna" by Emma Hsiao, Biology undergraduate

3rd place: "Sisters' Chambers" by Olivia Liera, Marketing undergraduate

Runner-up, 4th place: "Luna Moth" by Emily Volmar, Natural Resources Conservation undergraduate

Runner-up, 5th place: "Pictured: Rove Beetle" by Phoebe Shubin

"Labyrinth" by Maddy McGwire

"Firefly" by Dinah Cohen

"Lexias pardalis (Duke/Duchess)" by Eli Amoroso

By Genesis Locke

By Rohini Josh

By Skyler Westebbe, Social Thought & Political Economy undergraduate

"Japanese Horned Beetle" by Eden Smith

"Sphex Pendant" by Claire Netto, Natural Resources Conservation undergraduate

"Cecropia Moth" by Fleur Kuhta

"Lone Butterfly" by Marrella Proeschold

"Cicada Killer Wasp" by Alfy Raj

"Oppurtunibee" by Kathlin Chen

"Bumble in Flight" by Sonja Glasser, Organismic & Evolutionary Biology graduate student

By Gray Augat