Outreach & Education


March 5 2014: The Fernald Club has been awarded $3000 from the University of Massachusetts Sustainability Fund to build "Pollinator Hotels" on the Amherst campus. Updates to follow.    
The Fernald Club organizes outreach events involving the UMass and Amherst area communities. 
Our past events have included:
  • Tours of the live insect collection with students from Amherst and Springfield elementary & middle schools
    • Annual Earth Day celebration, featuring presentations from UMass professors on hot topics in entomology, plus the hottest insect-inspired baked goods from club-member kitchens
  • Insect photo contest
    • The Pollinator Hotel: a collaboration with the UMass Permaculture Garden to provide housing for local pollinators 

Interested in hosting or participating in an outreach event?
Contact our outreach coordinator, Matt Boyer (mboyer_at_psis.umass.edu)